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An exclamation used to express your utter repudiation of a person, place, thing, or idea. You are insinuating that if you could send a letter to God, the contents would entirely be "No".
To: Heaven, 777
From: Somewhere in North America, 12345

Dear God No.

Not So Sincerely,
by Psychoticlife September 28, 2020
The essential way of saying "FUCK YOU!", only worse. It's normally used in situations where you're angry at a certain douchebag, and you want them to go to hell and go up in flames.
"Why the hell did you do that? DIE IN A FIRE, ASSHOLE."
by Psychoticlife August 26, 2019
In summary: A young, naive child who likes to be pain in the *** to anyone older than them, with exception of annoying seniors and mature adults.
"Hey sis."
"Hi big brother! What is that?"
"It's my phone. Don't touch it."
"Can I touch it?"
"God, you're such a demon child, sis."
by Psychoticlife June 10, 2020
A website ( urbandictionary.com ) that has an infinite number of all the definitions a normal dictionary wouldn't have.
"Hey, you know a good, reliable dictionary? Merriam Webster doesn't have the definition of "dipshit"."
"Try urban dictionary."
by Psychoticlife August 18, 2020
"You know, that bridge you're standing on is going to collapse at any moment."
by Psychoticlife June 24, 2020