1. male part of body that hangs between legs
2. sounds good in front of everything if pissed of or angry
3. used to describe people as an asshole
1. check out my dick ladies
2. fuck shit dick cat
2. hey you little dick shit im gona blast you
3. that guys a fucking dick
by cash master June 21, 2009
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A phrase used to insult another person.

Preferably a hater or someone who is trying to insult you.

Most likely used in a crowded area.
Ice Cream Shop: "Ma'am can I get a sample?" "Of What?" "This Dick."

"What time is it?" "This Dick."

"What's the answer to number four?" "This Dick."

"He wanted to see you in.. fourth period." "What? Who?" "This Dick."

by This Dick. September 25, 2007
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A phrase used in addition to any adjective to enhance its meaning and/or emphasize the statement.
Guy 1: "That dude is tall as dicks!"

Guy 2: "My ice cream melted. *sadface* It's so hot out here!"
Guy 3: "How hot?"
Guy 2: "Hot as dicks!"
by Renegades January 16, 2012
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When a married guy says he would bang another women if he was single
I would give the hot intern the if dick.
by FromDaRidge March 21, 2017
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Dicking It


1. you completed a task successfully or got something right, pulled something off against all odds or cares.

"Joe Namath's fur coat at NFL Super Bowl XLVIII was dicking it."

2. make (someone) feel admiration and respect.

3. make a mark or design on (an object) using the Penis or act; imprint.

"The way he was dicking it, no other man could ever please her again"

synonyms: make an impression on, have an impact on, influence, affect, move, stir, rouse, excite, inspire;dazzle, awe, overawe, take someone's breath away, amaze, astonish;

antonym: disappoint, FAIL, sucks, fucked up
1. "Joe Namath's fur coat at NFL Super Bowl XLVIII was dicking it."

2. "Man, I was in complete awe at the way Tony Grown was dicking it last night, I need some definite pointers."

3. "The way he was dicking it, no other man could ever please her again"
by eclectic313 February 03, 2014
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to hurt or brutally wound. However death is not usually involved.

i.e. to dick on

I dicked on
He dicked on
They dicked on
We dicked on
Elliot will dick on John after sending him a polite message.
by JKSoulmate December 13, 2010
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A comeback most commonly used in a sense of humor. Can also be quite annoying is used to a lot.
Doctor: "Go ahead and take a seat."
Woman:"But I can't, there is no where to sit."
Doctor:"You can sit on THIS DICK."
by Bitch Da Fuq August 02, 2015
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