( Dicked the Dog) To Screw up extremely Bad
Jay just Dicked the Dog when he smashed his hand.
by Tabago's mom March 31, 2019
acting in an unproductive manner
dude, would you stop dicking the dog and help me set up this stereo
by billy kelley March 27, 2004
A Blue Collar term for fucking off on the job. More specifically, taking much longer to complete a work assignment than the company or boss expects should be spent on it. Dicking the Dog Poking the Pooch can effectively be used as a tool to create overtime in which the employee is paid one and one half times the hourly rate.
Man 1: Old Joe sure is Dicking the Dog today. Man 2: Yea he sure the fuck is, must have a car payment or something due cause he's gonna run that job into overtime.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
Navy slang for fucking around when you're supposed to be doing something else. Also known as Skating. Sometimes a literal translation when you see someone banging a canine.
I asked why Matt's dog had blood running down it's leg but realized he had been dicking the dog.
by Monkey mouth bitches March 30, 2020
A dog that has been trained to suck dicks. They are sometimes brought to orgies and a favorite pet of perverts.
by Judge dredd7 May 17, 2011
When u get fucked over especially by athorities
Bro i got pulled over doing 100 in 30 and the cop totally dick dogged me.
by Findarr December 22, 2016