A sexually promiscuous woman. Carries the same meaning as "whore" or "slut" only without the negative connotation.
Penelope: "I had sex with Micheal at a party last night."
Billy: "Penelope, as your friend I advise you not to be such a dickdock."
by Frownbox January 08, 2012
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An activity where gay men stand on a dock with their dicks out and wait for stangers to come and suck them off.
Hey want to head down to the Dick Dock and see if there is anyone there?
by Ihaveaheadache211 June 23, 2009
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A handlebar moustache, resembling a dock for placing the male genetalia in or around the mouth, most often seen on homosexual Mennonite firefighters.
He really needs to shave off his Dick Dock.

He loves it when you slam your cock on his Dick Dock.
by VPáJV May 18, 2010
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1) A woman that sleeps around. A lot. A dick-dock because she lets all penises land in her port. And by port, we mean vagina. Somewhat similar to a delivery truck entrance to a store, in that there is constant loading and unloading in the dock. She's hot, but if you sleep with her you'll just be another notch in the post. And probably get a disease.

2) A word that rhymes with tick-tock. Used as a triple-tonguing exercise for wind instrumentalists. Said as "dick-a-dock"
1) Dude 1: Man, that girl is such a dick-dock.
Dude 2: Dude, I know.
Dude 1: She's still hot. I'd tap that.
Dude 2: You're forgetting that she's a dick-dock. You'll catch
something from her.

2) No, say "dick-a-dock." Tri-ple-et, dick-a-dock. It's easy.
by JohnnyCD December 12, 2011
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