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1.The dick of the turtle animal.

2.Also when a human is called a dick turtle it refers to a man with either a green penis or one that takes awhile to become fully erect.
Hello Chirs i've notice that you are quite a Dick Turtle.
by fgkiller February 16, 2010
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Game played by males in which they whip out their cock in front a snapping turtle. They must taut the turtle with their dick and try to make him walk 4 feet, slowing backing up so the turtle will follow. If you make the turtle walk 4 feet you win, if the turtle gets your dick you lose. Winner gets to keep your dick. You can only lose once.
Male 1: You down for a game of Dick Chicken later

Male 2: I can't, I played Dick Turtle yesterday and lost.
by Oldnelly June 09, 2018
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Game played by young males when you whip out your cock in front of a snapping turtle and slowly move backwards tempting the turtle to follow your dick. If you make the turtle move three feet toward your penis you win, if the turtle bites your meat stick off before then, you lose. Winner keeps your dick. Please Note, you can only lose once at this game.
Male 1: Hey wanna play some Dick Chicken
Male 2: I can't, I lost in dick turtle yesterday

My sister was upset because she couldn't play dick turtle with us.
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by Oldnelly June 14, 2018
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When it's cold outside and your dick becomes very small, like a turtle retracting its head when there's danger outside.
Used as a verb
"Damn! When I took a plunge in that pool and came out, my dick turtled on me and scared the shit outta me!"
"Thank god there were no women to witness it!"
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by F-Bomb Thiru July 01, 2017
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