A picture of a dick, usually your own, sent to a girl via text.

TIP FOR THE GUYS: girls do NOT think your dick is sexy. It's not. Don't send one unless you're asked for one. The only girls who will want one w/o asking are whores. And even then some. Your welcome :)
Hey Taylor, Logan sent me a dick pic again last night. I don't know why, I've told him a million times I'm not into that.
by LazyHedgehog96 December 11, 2013
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a picture of ones dick, usually kept on ones phone and sent via BBM, MMS or E-mail—a wordless suggestion of intercourse
Edgar sent me a dick pic again. That was a surprise, since i didnt even ask for it.
by EllaC October 27, 2010
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a picture of a guys naked mole rat that is 95% of the time not asked for and 99.9% of the time not enjoyed 🤢
“david sent me a dick pic last night and let me tell ya, i’m very disappointed”

“i just saw the grossest dick pic ever”
by jessicaroots468 January 13, 2020
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