Diana is mostly brunette That loves to help others and can be very kind and gentle but when you get on her bad side, you can get hurt. Very popular because of how nice she is. Has a small group of friends that she trusts. She has a crush on a few people but one person in particular That she adores.

If you get her, don't EVER let her go.
She's perfection
Diana is the one for me
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by DMS November 28, 2017
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The most gorgeous girl you have ever seen.

She has big beautiful eyes and she is small but so cute that you want to pick her up

She smiles all the time and when she smiles it makes you want to smile

She's gorgeous shes is so Diana
Look at those beautiful eyes she is so Diana
by LoveHer January 08, 2007
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The most beautiful girl ever, she is so smart and cute. She has the most big and beautiful eyes.She is also so perfect! You want to pick her up. She is a Mathletes conference champion! When she smiles it makes you want to smile!
Is that Diana?
No that is Diana Briones, the most beautiful Diana!
by mothmanxlb December 08, 2011
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She’s unforgettable. This girl is the perfect example of feminism, the name coming from the Roman goddess Diana. She has killer curves and is one of the funniest persons you’ll ever meet. Apart from the fact that she’s smokin’ hot she’s also pretty smart and will catch on to your lies. She might be shy at first, but then she transforms into the sweetest girl on Earth. It’s very easy to fall for her but impossible to forget Diana. If her name is Diana and she’s a Taurus, then you’re in for a ride.
“I heard Diana and Josh broke up.”

“Yeah, he cheated on her, big mistake.”
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by Nicole Cherry July 13, 2018
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Diana is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. She is so hot, Diana could be a future model. When she laughs and smiles it makes everyone else laugh and smile. Diana has unique personality and Diana is special don't lose a Diana or you will regret it.
by Diana July 20, 2017
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An amazing girl that has many good qualities, however is extremely modest about every one of them, including intelligence and beauty. They also are very nice and caring, however only to friends and other special people. They can also have extreme inner beauty that is very hard to find, but when it is found, you realize she is better than any other girl you may meet.
I love Diana.
by That Guy who Banzais February 16, 2010
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One of the best girls you will ever meet. She is pretty and confident. She will be somewhat shy at first, but when you meet her you will see she is very loud.

She is also very smart. Any guy would like to have her.

She usually falls for a Joseph though.
Guy 1: You see that chick over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, the one with the orange top?
Guy 1: That's Diana. She's really hot, too bad she is dating Joseph...
by whatever99 April 17, 2012
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