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This girl is quite hard to find. If you happen to find one DON'T LET GO. She'd loyal to everyone she loves trustworthy and selfless at crucial moments. Although this girl treats everyone with kindness, her heart cannot be won over very easily. Has amaizing intuition when picking her crushes and usually picks the one she feels a strong connection with and will undoubtedly like her back. Has oddly irrisitable and attractive behaviour. Sometimes she may behave harshly with those she loves because she feels vaunerable as soon as she cares for people who act like they don't care as much. Is much deeper and philosophical than she lets on. Has the power to give off mood vibes at extensive rates, when this girl is happy it brightens up everyone around her, but when she's down......
person 1: that girl is just told me to smile.
person 2: When Dhriti is happy she makes sure everyone else is too.
person 1: what about when she's sad?
person 2: she's too down to notice much else.
by everynameontheplanet April 25, 2012
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