She can be crazy, obsessed with anime. Don't get on her bad side, she can rip you apart only using words. Stunning other wise
Wow, I wish I knew Dezzy!
by Lillian:) February 26, 2017
A mixture of the words dike and lesbian, basically someone who's gay.
Georgina; you're such a dezzy...
Kikki; whats that?
Georgina; you mate.
by lochiumeebooboo October 8, 2013
A male concerned only with asserting his dominance in social realms. Characterized by his narcissistic attitude, brute exterior, subtle flexing abilities, fat neck, authoritative walk and alikeness to the sub-culture 'guidos'.
"The Situation" and/or "Pauly D" provide almost perfect examples of a dezzy.
by Crispy Stream January 11, 2012
A shortened word for a desert eagle (a gun)
"Yo, you better reach for that holster and pull out the dezzie."
by Tha 1ne July 5, 2005
Try to be kind to unkind people, they might need it the most.
That has nothing to do with the situation at hand, Dezzi. Stop freaking out and get over it.
by MaiaStryder March 3, 2011
R.I.P. Dezzie, you were a legend!!!!
by xXRozeeXx May 30, 2008