Pewdiepie: “it’s evolving but backwards”
Devolve but with extra steps
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Descriptive term for something that is bad in an evolutionary sense. Derives from the term devolution Can be shortend to "devo". Devolved can be used postively or negatively. Positive use of "devolved" refers to something that is bad in a good manner, e.g. B-Movies, flash animations, art. Negative use of "devolved" refers to things that illustrate negative aspects of devolution, e.g. political and social discussions.

Coined by the band Devo.
This book is devolved.
by Rich Anderson December 17, 2003
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When yo girl break up with you, and you still depressed over her.
"Stop devolving over yo Ex. It's been over 2 months. Get a new girl."
by New_waulk April 12, 2018
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The Bush family will surely continue to devolve.
by Adrian August 20, 2007
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Those who have labored as far as they can in the Evolutionary Process and choose Extinction over procreation. Believing the World will be better off without their children.

Generally found among the children of the affluent, Devolvers see no hope for the Future therefore they choose to deny the future the only hope it has, our children.
He had everything a young man could want, but felt nothing, he had gone to the finest schools ,but knew nothing. His family loved him but he didn't know why, he had a GPS on the dash of his Porsche but he was lost. How could he bring a child into this world? It would be so irresponsible of him and Responsibility is what he had successfully avoided his entire, short, Life, he was a Devolver, and his girl friend felt the same way.
by August 2, 2009
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Some people would like to see everyone else devolve alone, as long as it isn't them, but if they start to devolve too, they want everyone to devolve together, since together is the way they like to do everything (as they hate being alone and will say anything to keep lots of people around them at all times).
Martin Luther King would have been as entertained if everyone devolved together, bound for something like Squid Games and both psychological and physical standoffs that escalated into their final stupidity as he would have been by brotherhood/sisterhood. The leadership not brotherhood/sisterhood folks can't wait for us all to devolve together, it's just good fun in their minds, those adrenaline junkies that they are!
by The Original Agahnim January 20, 2022
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International Devolve Day, on the first of February, you must act like a monkey.
"Tom started acting like a monkey, little did I know it was devolve Day."

International Devolve Day - A day where you MUST act like a monkey.
by Crapposter February 1, 2022
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