She's a sweet and expensive girl.she loves to shop till she drops. She's is loving and caring but will fight you if you hurt her.shes reckless and beautiful.
by Hint names poi May 29, 2016
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet in your life, she has an immediate attractive aura which instantly draws you to her, at first you might not fully understand her , but as time goes you will discover that she is a gem waiting to be found, in terms of love she gives her all in relationships and is completely reliable as a companion, someone who would be suitable for the title wifey, she is a gorgeous girl who is full of life, she gives off a persona of a confident somewhat ignorant girl, she might even come across as rude, but once you let her roots grow and she blooms into the flower she is, you will find out that she is a passionate, loving, caring girl who has a sense of happiness sorrounding her bulk of the time, long story short, Destiny is the most amazing person you will ever meet
Once i saw her, i knew it was Destiny
by Ederson31 January 27, 2019
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A girl that will forever have your back no matter what. Someone that can be your friend and lover. The worlds most baddest bitch of all time . Bitches will never compare to Destiny and will never be as sassy or bad as Destiny . There’s only one bad bitch on this planet and it’s Destiny .
“Damn I wish I was born a destiny”.
“Fuck I hate my mom why didn’t she make me a destiny”
Destiny puts the D in Delicious
by YungBoyE April 14, 2019
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a beutiful girl who is funny,smiles alot and loves to be around people
whos that gil smileing?
its just destiny!
by BLINKY HEAD! March 15, 2009
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The sweetest and beautiful girl in all of the world. She is the most reliable girl who ever existed. She is faithful to all commitments, friendship, girlfriend, spouse. She will make the other girls jealous. She will catch your heart. Her voice soothes the most angered people. She is the one who WILL control the emotions of the room. Everyone will love her. Don't be a jerk to Destiny. She is rare. Never let her go.
Darn, I wish my life was like Destiny's...
by The Jakzter April 27, 2013
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A very beautiful girl with short brown hair. She has a very unique name which makes her a very unique person. You are very lucky if you find a destiny. She is a person with very mixed emotions. Lots of guys like her but only she only wants ONE guy that is very mean to her. Destiny will always support you if you need anything and you should always return the favor so u guys and be very close.
Woah is that a DESTINY?”
“Your dating a DESTINY?, your so lucky”
by heydad23 September 27, 2018
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This girl is everything you need. They are very unique and are very social. You will get lost in there eyes because of how breathtaking they are. A destiny will always show where her heart is and will do anything to keep the person she wants happy. She has a flawless personality and is very sweet. Destinys will never directly tell you something’s but will hint it. Her hands are sooooo soft and you want to do almost everything with her. Destiny is a girl who will go through hell for you just to see you in heaven. She’s a girl you want to show off. NEVER TAKE A ADVANTAGE OF HER OR PLAY GAMES. Destiny is a girl who you want to be your destiny. She’s a girl who you can do anything with because she IS the everything you’ll ever want and you never will want it let her go. Destiny isn’t only a beautiful girl inside and out but is also dumb THICC( sorry I had too😜)
Omg I love destiny

Never let her go
She’s the full package
by @jk November 24, 2018
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