Destiny is a confident, loud and funny girl. She is lightly controversial and can be taken the wrong way. Nearly everyone falls in love with destiny. She is one of the most beautiful girls. She is funny, bubbly and loves to mess about with friends. She never takes herself to seriously and is good at putting a brave face on. She overthinks everything. If you upset her, she wont let it show and will usually snap back with some witty sarcasm or logic roasting. She has a great body especially ass and gorgeous hair. She is usually really loud and isn't afraid of confrontation. Very unique and incredible I her own way but can some times be referred to as basic.
james that girl is so penggggg who is it ?
yo man that's Destiny!
she ent nno average becca or plain jane, id wife her !!!
by mmaishaamaishaa March 13, 2017
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Nobody is perfect, except Destiny. She is perfect in every way. Her beautiful smile, her laugh, her sparkling eyes, and her beauty. You will fall in love with her the second you lay eyes on her and you will fall more in love with her every day after that. You will melt into her eyes and holding her in your arms is the greatest feeling in the world because you know she is yours and nobody else's, you never want to let her go. She is a princess. Anyone would be lucky to have a Destiny in their lives and I am one of those lucky ones :)
It is your Destiny you two met, well it truly is.
by erockskinnys March 17, 2013
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Destiny is a really nice person why you'd love to hang with. She is nice, pretty , caring, and a responsible person. Even thought Destiny is really sweet she doesn't take any foolishness or let people get over on them. All in all, once you become friends with Destiny you'll never want to let her go.
OMG this girl is flamin hot🔥♨️ this must be Destiny
by PeterPiperPickedAPickledPepper September 08, 2018
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N., from Latin destinare, "to determine", derivative of stare, "to stand". One of the funniest, loudest, craziest, most amazing people you'll ever meet. The Destiny I know is beautiful, though she doesn't think so. She is Hispanic, and REALLY long black hair (impossible not to touch), brown eyes, and an absolutely stunning talent for singing, dancing, acting and drawing make Destiny stand out from the crowd. She loves TV, and her mother tells her to pay attention to the actors to help with her career in drama, which is already in progress despite her young age. On that topic, Destiny may be a little dramatic at times, but most of the time she solves problems with her sarcasm and wit. Destiny sometimes has a tendency to ignore texts, but who doesn't at some point? I admire that Destiny is extremely stubborn, and she never lets anyone push her over like I do.

To sum up, Destiny is...

D- determined
E- enthusiastic
S- singer
T- taken :(
I- incredible
N- never irritating
Y- young? Idk, not good at acrostic poems.

Me: She said that to you! What did you say?

Destiny: I told her to go f*** a tree.


Destiny: I'm going to Rhode Island for a casting call.

Me: Get me a tee-shirt?


Destiny: *in the middle of laughing* ahahahah, lol.
by Her BFF :) April 12, 2013
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A shy, but loyal girl. Love to be around people. She is very honest but she has to be able to trust you. She loves playing around and making jokes. she's sometimes very sensitive for no reason. she's fragile and she doesn't like to be hurt. she cares less about what people say. she also kind-hearted and free spirted.
Destiny your so funny.

Break out your shell Destiny.

Destiny your so kind and loyal.
by LoveHard December 11, 2012
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A beautiful girl with a good since of humor and is pretty in and out smart asf lit 😘savage ash
by Jabbbb March 30, 2017
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That girl that seems crazy, who always makes the randomest jokes. Though inside she only hides how much she hurts. She braves a smile on her face just so everyone else is happy around her. Simple friends turn into best friends with her, she is a friend magnet. But she is shy around most people. Afraid of going out of her comfort bubble. She falls for guys easily and almost is always hurt in the end. Destiny is a verb, she is amazing. And don't deserve half she shit she goes through.
Look, Destiny's humping that tree.
by heygirlyoulikedarice December 19, 2010
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