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1. A chemical or substance that depresses the nervous system. e.g. alcohol.Often addictive.

2. A person who ruins everyone elses fun.

3. A relationship.

4. A member of the opposite sex.
John-"Hey whats wrong with you Timmy?"

Timmy-"I am full of this depressant," Points to a bottle of cheap vodka, "Because I'm still living with this depressant." points to expensive, unloving woman.
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 22, 2010
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someone who, when seen or spoken to, illicits a downer affect on your mood and emotions.
I was in such a great mood until I talked to Brandi. She is such a depressant.
by Scroty-G October 06, 2009
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Ants that help you when you are sad. They may be therapy ants, or just good friend ants. Either way, they are ants. This is not to be confused with the medically prescribed anti depressants. These are just for any person who feels down.
Person 1: I'm feeling sad..
Person 2: Are you okay?
Person 1: yeah.. My depressants will help me.
by Sockth December 28, 2018
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