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A salacious prank intended in the same spirit as an Upper Decker in which the perpetrator uses the restroom and proceeds to wipe himself with a nearby washcloth or decorative towel in attemps to clog the toilet and leave a messy surprise for the owner.

The smaller the number of suspects at the time the Denver Nugget is done results in more props for the perpetrator. I.E. You will get more credit if you pull off a Denver Nugget in a house full of 3 people than a house full of 20 people

Props are also given if the object used to clog the toilet holds a sentimental value for the owner
"Dude, what's wrong with you?"
"Last night, someone clogged my toilet, and when I finally unclogged it, I realized it was the special towels that my grandma knitted for me when I was born!"
"Dude! Someone gave you a Denver Nugget!"
"The worst part is I was confused as to why someone would do this and whether or not I should wash the towels, or just trash them!"
"Dude, that's the point..."
by Admiral_Snackbar August 13, 2009
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A professional basketball team in the NBA. Known as probably the most stereotypical black team with "thugs" such as Carmelo and K-Mart. Renaldo Balkman is by far the most laid back, chill player on the team, and may sell weed, along with other drugs to various members of the team.

The Nuggets are also known for their array and collection of colorful tattoos. Majority of the team is covered with tats, and those who aren't are generally looked down upon and forced to be various team member's bitches.

Head coach George Karl has one of the most unique and mystifying modern-day slave-driving relationships with the team, somehow relating to black, thug, 20-something year olds, while he himself is an almost-60 year old white male. Behind doors he cracks his whip on players like Chris "Birdman" Andersen, and hates him for disrespecting what the white man gave him by covering himself in ink and trying to hang out with the thugs of the team. Much like battered wife syndrome though, the players have come to love Karl, and Karl loves the money they make him.
The Denver Nuggets are in playoff contention every year, and they are consistently the only challenge to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference.

George Karl: "Come on now boys, make me that money!"
by Woobers April 13, 2010
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the baddest basketball team in the NBA where the fans can feel it. also, to native coloradoans, code name for some bomb ass kind bud.
hey lets get some of those denver nuggets for the nuggets game tonite. that colorado cough is the bomb homie!
by denverfannumber1 November 15, 2009
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home of carmelo; back in the '04 playoffs (before losing to minnesota)
the nuggets could win the division in '05
by RoadDude May 09, 2004
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A name given to a "gang" or a bunch of black people instead of using the racist terms such as "niggers" or "gangstas" ect. Mostly used by white people who dont wanna get their ass kicked.
white guy 1: "rofl what are those niggas doing now?"
white guy 2: "shh dont say that word, there are denver nuggets present."
black guy: "What does denver nugget mean?"
white guy 1: "uhhhhhh"
white guy 2: "shit lets get outta here, ahhh"
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A Denver Nugget is a good looking girl afflicted with an abundance of large tattoos that are visible especially in the neck area (much like Chris "Birdman" Anderson"). Denver nuggets are prevalent in strip clubs.
That new broad associated with Jesse James, Kat Von Something, is a famous Denver Nugget.
by biggestbossyouveseenthusfar January 15, 2011
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