clicky is when two people or more are always obnoxioius to others around eachother. They are always whispering to one another. They are bitches to others when they are together and they talk about people behind their backs. When they are somewhere or out with friends or at a party, they are together most of the time and ignore the others, even if those others, happen to be their best friends. They think: "so what, they are my best friends..but i have this best friend and i can relate to her in many ways". I only need them when im in trouble. They never think..hmm what if they leave me cause they are so sick and tired of me being clicky, until it actually happens.
woah.. those two girls are such bitches and are so clicky when they are together.
by BridgetMan December 22, 2007
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Another term for a hyperlick. Often used on forums.
You wanted to see it so, clicky!
by cody March 8, 2004
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Adj. describing a rapid tempo in music or any other measurable , quantifiable succession of beats; the "click" referring to the clicks on a metronome.
Primarily used by musicians.
"Slow down, dude- don't get too clicky with that chick or else she will burn you."

"Can we start 'Beat It' but make it a little more clicky?"
by T. Adorno July 31, 2006
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A request from an onlooker to use a computer or entertainment system to achieve something the requester wants. The word first was coined as a shorthand term to request fast-forwarding through commercials or other unwanted video on a TiVo, when the holder of the remote control had either disengaged in the program on the television or merely forgot they were watching a recording. (The TiVo system gives "clicky" sounds when the fast forward button is pressed, and it's usually pressed two or more times to quickly zoom past commercial breaks.)
1) "Hey, it's the toe-nail fungus ad again; clicky-clicky. Come on, you've got the remote and this isn't live TV-- clicky-clicky!!"

2) " I was trying to clicky-clicky with the website to order tickets but the site was overloaded and my transaction failed; we'll have to pay a scalper for tickets."
by saustin January 7, 2008
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When you are filling out a poll that does not apply to you, or none of the selections are quite right for your situation but you feel a compulsion to click something anyway, you may chose the "clicky" option.
"None of the other options applied to me, so I chose "clicky".
by Emmalemmalee May 11, 2021
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Bleary-eyed tourists, generally asians, that take pictures of absolutely everything. The name is derived from the sound their cameras make.
I was going to do downtown to do some school shopping, but since it's still summer we've got clicky-clickies everywhere.
by AYB September 2, 2004
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Someone who’s biggest dream is to meet Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. You love them, there music, and you follow them on social media. They can name any song by Twenty One Pilots with only hearing a few seconds of it. (I would like to note that I am a clicky.) They listen to there music constantly and randomly start to sing. They usually consist of the gays, goths, emos, and edgy people. (Again me)
Me: *randomly in the middle of lunch* you’re the judge, oh no. Set me free.

Everyone at school: oh she must be a clicky
by Jackguy September 2, 2019
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