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A great ski area in central Colorado. Lots of trails, great town, fast lifts.
Instead of going to Aspen this winter, I went to Vail, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found
by SkiParent June 21, 2005
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The best place to snowboard in Colorado. No...take that back...the best in the world.
Vail has a superpipe and seven back bowls.
by GGGGGGGGGGG June 17, 2006
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a very pretty girl with deep blue eyes and usually dark ish hair she is very shy at first but when you get to know her she is the chillest person you will ever meet. she also is very closed off and not open with everyone she meets she has a lot of secrets and problems deep down.
Vail is so pretty!!
by easyeyes21 May 01, 2018
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the foremost level of awesome, the last name of the greatest professor in Boston University history, badass in the best way, ingenius
"Dude can you believe how sick that was? It was so vail." "I'm stoked dude, this concert is gonna be so vail."
by Sean Hammer October 12, 2006
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"Vail" is another word to use when describing somebody who has never exercised, but claims to do so frequently. If somebody is a vail, you may call their lying actions "vailure". Notice the similarity to the word "failure", which is what all vails are.
"Dude, you know Josh?"
"Yeah? What about him?"
"Jessica told me he's a total vail. The epitome of vailure."
by mud_puppy April 10, 2019
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