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A derogatory term used indicating a person who is sympathetic to Communism

Other forms:

Pinko (n.), Pinkos (pl.n), Pinkoism, Pinkoisms, Pinkoistic, Pinkoistical, Pinkoisticals...
"Ann Coulter thinks that people who are liberal-minded are Pinkos."

"Stalin was a Pinko."
by meowshi July 31, 2006

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^ ^
This is generally a flirtatious signal. Meant to represent cuteness, delight and innocence. It is saying "I can see you are/this is delicious. rar."
a- I love you
b Thanks ^ ^
by meowshi November 28, 2006

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Mass divided by the given volume




"Density is fun."

"Density is important when finding the mass"

by meowshi October 12, 2006

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