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She has green eyes like marijuana. always there to help you out when you need it. she has an amazing butt, perfectly shaped and very round, not too big just the right size, every guy wants her. but she will always have one lucky guy and will put him before everyone else. you could talk about denisa all day and she has no flaws. she is absolute perfection.she is like a drug you can get addicted very quickly if u spend time with her. The plugs are insanely love her, cuz she is from the hood
- I want to fell better

- yooo, call Denisa, she is the perfect person that can make it
by wwweeeeeeedddd November 22, 2021
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Denisa is the worst type of business failure. A poor excuse of existence, generally overbearing and judgemental. Commonly thinks they're better than everyone, usually owns or is causing a failing business.
Denisa is a business failure.
When a business is failing its considered a "Denisa"
by August 11, 2022
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Denisa is a green eyed girl she is skinny and tall, and has a nice butt, she is nice sweet and loves to dance. her name came from europe
omg that girl is such a denisa.
by kdhfd January 5, 2012
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A very sexy boy with mostly blonde hair ,sometimes very bitchy but has the most amazing personality with a big booty any girl would be lucky to have him beachside he will always protect you .
Denisas is a very sexy boy with blond hair .
by Suck my mum October 28, 2020
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Fantastic Romanian singer of manele and ethno-pop. If she'd take an English lesson or two Denisa could be as big as Lady Gaga or Madonna. She's defined as a manele singer but her songs have more of pop feel with just enough gypsy/oriental influence to give her songs a unique twist that makes the hair on one's neck stand up because of the difference/intensity from the usual stuff on the radio. She's thin, blond and quite attractive but hasn't gone in for the over siliconed Barbie look and comes off as more of an extremely hot mall rat type chick. That's part of her appeal: a ordinary guy could never aspire to date Beyonce but a girl like Denisa (or rather the image she projects) just might go out for a coffee with a fellow if he was in a bit of shape, has basic fashion sense, a job on the high end of normal compensation wise and a reasonable late model car.
I heard this Denisa Raducu song "Fara griji fara nevoi" on the internet I had to stop was I doing to listen. I really need to learn Romanian.
by minairia June 5, 2013
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Denisa Raducu was probably the number-one female manele vocalist in Romania. She started singing professionally at 14. She died, probably of Hepatitis B, in 2017. She was extremely productive and you can listen to hundreds of her songs on YouTube.
Denisa Raducu is usually known just as Denisa.
by Fulicasenia September 17, 2017
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a markosexual girl
omg, Denisa is such a markosexual
by perrodinero November 22, 2021
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