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Lots of farmers and old people,'nuff said really...
<two teenagers walking through a town centre in Suffolk>

Teen#1: There's a lot more old people about today...hang on...oh shit...

Teen#2: What?

Teen#1: I've just remembered, it's pension day!

Teen#2: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
by Matt M April 11, 2005
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A word made by me that you use as in insult or just for the hell of it.
by Matt M November 22, 2003
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slang for a blunt tube filled with "tuff". Called this because of the resemblence between the former FOX network show host Arsenio Hall's long fingers which appear to resemble a blunt
man pass that 'senio finger over here as you have been hogging it for long enough.
by Matt M July 10, 2003
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raped-many times-over an over again, kicked square in the nuts
Yo, viz just got Bitch'd Up, that nigga tried stealing my Corne Bred.
by Matt M May 30, 2003
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Best damned cars around! 197k miles on my Camaro, and only problme I ever had with it was blowing the rear end.. but even then it was still driveable..
My Camaro has 197k+ miles, and is still leavin 30+foot strips!
by Matt M May 16, 2004
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A snack, containing 'chicken', that tastes like the pulverised rectum of said animal.

(evolved from the word 'Chickenburger')
"I just bought meself a Chickenbugger"
by Matt M December 2, 2003
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