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This guy is sweet, kind, handsome, good looking, all the girls are nice to him, he is single, and he is handsome.
He loves shrimp,video games,and art. A guy we all want to hang out with. He is a good listener. He smiles a lot.
Delgado is one of a kind
Boy 1: I wish I was that Delgado dude
Boy2: Yea. I mean all the ladies do love him
by Pickle Dulce November 18, 2017
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Toronto slang for the extra-large, extra-expensive $13 beer at Blue Jays home games.

Named for the extra-large former Jays slugger, Carlos Delgado, and a distant cousin of the 'Boggs' (Boston slang for a large Miller Lite)
I must have had at least 4 Delgados before flipping the bird on the Jumbotron.
by seanmccallum October 27, 2007
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A HS student who has never made a basketball shot in his life. He always yells out "That's off!" When he takes a shot
That kid sucks at basketball! Shoots nothing but bricks...What a delgado...
by gurshed1000 December 13, 2018
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