Toronto slang for the extra-large, extra-expensive $13 beer at Blue Jays home games.

Named for the extra-large former Jays slugger, Carlos Delgado, and a distant cousin of the 'Boggs' (Boston slang for a large Miller Lite)
I must have had at least 4 Delgados before flipping the bird on the Jumbotron.
by seanmccallum October 27, 2007
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This guy is sweet, kind, handsome, good looking, all the girls are nice to him, he is single, and he is handsome.
He loves shrimp,video games,and art. A guy we all want to hang out with. He is a good listener. He smiles a lot.
Delgado is one of a kind
Boy 1: I wish I was that Delgado dude
Boy2: Yea. I mean all the ladies do love him
by Pickle Dulce November 18, 2017
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A HS student who has never made a basketball shot in his life. He always yells out "That's off!" When he takes a shot
That kid sucks at basketball! Shoots nothing but bricks...What a delgado...
by gurshed1000 December 13, 2018
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the act of hooking up with a group of two or more Hott sisters that bring about immediate sexual tension.
Dude i know i just ate but i could really go for a Delgado sandwich

Fuck a turkey melt man u know i only go for a delgado sandwich.
by Dellio January 2, 2007
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A fine dude who pimps on madd girls. He is a rapper that goes by many names such as "Ruben D Daddy", Ruben Dakilla'"
"Ruby2uzday" and many more. He attends Old Bridge highschool where the students Can see him swagin' through the halls. ive seen him many times in person and is the real deal.
(Student at OBHS) yo did u see ruben delgado, he is the best rapper alive.
by Student at OBHS March 24, 2012
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