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An awesome, caring, crazy, kind, person with a big heart. And isn't afraid to show the world who he really is.
Random person: That guys seems like a deklan
Other person: yea he does!
by Headar December 18, 2016
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One sexy bastard who gets all of the girls and has a huge dog has a billion cars he is soo cool he slays dragons on the moon

can be seen with a Daniel, Adam or a Kuba but as he is the boss they just suck his dick cos he's awesome

Deklan also shits gold and skittles and can turn cats into rainbow.
A:Wow you are such a Deklan!

B:Lets all suck on a Deklan!
by D4FTMAU5 December 13, 2012
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A total and complete heart-breaker. He'll lure you in with his physical attractiveness,charm, and intelligence. He'll seem really funny and sweet,but then you'll find the large group of girls who also like him, and eventually he'll get bored of you and stop talking to you. He often gets in trouble with the police, and enjoys screwing with your head. Basically, Deklan sucks.
Girl One: Oh my God, I thought this guy was so sweet but he hasn't talked to me in forever! I don't think he likes me anymore.

Girl Two: He sounds like a total Deklan
by QueenAnnie January 19, 2013
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Deklan who's a girl. She's nice and friendly. She's probably reslly smart so she'll get on your nerves when she complains.
Person: My friend keeps on complaining that she got a B+ on her test, she's such a Deklan!
by random person138 November 24, 2016
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