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A deist is somebody who believes in a god or higher power, but believes humans have not identified this higher power or god. In other words, all organized religion is almost definitely false, according to deists. Deists technically are embracing an argument from ignorance. However, this is different from a typical argument from ignorance, because the premise is very different. For example, a deist will propose there must be an original creator of existence because, if you follow the logic of a god's existence, you must forever continue asking "who created god? Who created the creator of that God? Etc."

Deism is basically a "first cause" proposition, meaning they believe in a higher power or a god creating the universe, but this higher power/god must necessarily transcend time itself, because everything we know inside of time follows the basic laws of time (having a beginning and end). But, if everything has a beginning, there is never a true beginning of existence itself. That true beginning must have a higher power (or a god). Something without a beginning (transcending time itself) must have formed the universe, ultimately, even if there were previous universes that spawned our current universe in which we live.
A deist is someone who believes in science and reason, like atheists, but also believes in a first cause or higher power.
by misunderstood deist August 02, 2018
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A Deist is a person who believs that God created the world. This person might or might not believe in evolution, but knows that God is behind it all and he's satisfied with that thought. He doesn't feel the need to follow a religion; Meaning: A Deist does not give a dime (for the lack of better word) who came fist, who came last, who was the son and who was the prophet, and especially who wrote what in which book. He respects these people and chooses not to talk or even think about them. He know's God is up there and as long as he doesn't steal, lie, and hurt other people he has no need for following religion.
i'm a deist, i know i'm not capable of seeing God and i don't even wanna see him, but i know he's there and watching over and once in a while i sit down and talk to him but he knows that i dont like reading brainwashing mind blowing time consuming religious books because i don't even know who wrote them when pen and pencil were barely invented, and he's totally fine with it. wish myspace had Deist as an option to your religion selection.
by ChicagoAce May 08, 2007
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a person who accepts the belief in god,but does not believe in the religion.He/she has no understanding of being aethiest or religious,but believe in individualism.these type of people usually understand that believing in god completely is rhetorical because for an aethiest and a religious person,in the end neither have proof or a clear explanation on their strong grasp of the belief they so entrust on.
a person with a true mind of freedom is someone not many know a diest.
by some guy July 12, 2003
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One who believes in a god, and there rests, not mixing the one article of his faith with articles of human invention.
If you really want to understand Deism, go read The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine.
by antinous February 27, 2004
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Someone who believes that God created the universe, but completely seperated himself from it.
Phil believes in God, but not any form of divine intervention, making him a deist.
by El Singario September 22, 2005
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Additionally, being a deist, such as myself, one can believe that a higher power created the universe and that is all. The guy that posted something about how a higher power wouldn't have any dealings with humans was on the right track.
A deist is as close as you can get to athiesm and not be an athiest.
by Jason Jason June 06, 2005
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