1.) A slag term for the drug, heroin (a.k.a. "smack")

2.) A certain strain of high quality marijuana.

a.) "Yo man, we were banging some killer deisel last night."

b.) "I've got three plants of deisel growing in my closet."
by RubbaDub9202 September 24, 2009
Short for the Sour Deisel Strain of Marijuana
"Yo, you got any bud?"
"I've got a quad of deisel if you want that. =D"
by JoskiiWoskii May 28, 2008
A) Someone who is extremely muscular or stong

formed from the actor vin deisel for his well built apperance

B) Someone who has high endurance and can participate in a high activity contact sport without resting or getting water
A) Yo man , don't fuck with that guy ... he looks mad deisel


DAN: Wow check out pat

NICK: Yeah i know he has been in for all four quarters and he is still running strong

DAN: Yeah man he is Deisel
by Rick Flair December 3, 2006
1)-to do with extreme amazingness or craziness
-to do in any positive connotation

2)-to beat up or harm
1)Mike deiseled the shit out of that pie.
2)I'm gonna straight up deisel you if you dont put down my computer.
by southeastrussia March 22, 2007
A male dropping their draws and knocking the nutsack from one side to the other in a swaying motion.
He shot us a deisel. Similar to shining a moon, except drawers are lower and includes swinging motion to knock balls against legs.
by Highjack January 17, 2008
1) A nigger.

2) Budweiser.
Deisels always drink the deisel.
by Brad Dub May 17, 2008
Hard Alchahol, such as Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, ect.
Fuck, I don't wanna carry my beer around all night. I'm just gunna stick with the deisel.
by Brook Robinson December 14, 2007