3 definitions by RubbaDub9202


1.) A term describing a person who is in a street gang.

2.) The act of "shooting-up" drugs with a syringe.

3.) A term describing a highly attractive person.


1.) "Be careful what you say to him, man. He's Bangin'."

2.) "I was so excited, I bought the heroin and started banging right away."

3.) "Man, that girl that just walked by was bangin'!"
by RubbaDub9202 September 24, 2009
The term "P.W.C." (P-"Dub"-C) or simply (P-Dub) stands for "Proceed With Caution", and is spoken when smoking a pipe, to warn others that everything in the pipe is almost burnt, and you may inhale some ash.
"Ay dogg, P.W.C. (P-"Dub"-C) (P-Dub) on that bowl, its about cashed"
by RubbaDub9202 March 27, 2010

1.) A slag term for the drug, heroin (a.k.a. "smack")

2.) A certain strain of high quality marijuana.

a.) "Yo man, we were banging some killer deisel last night."

b.) "I've got three plants of deisel growing in my closet."
by RubbaDub9202 September 24, 2009