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An academic title conferred by universities and colleges as an indication of the completion of a course of study, or as an honorary recognition of achievement.

Or more honestly, something that you have to get in order to get a decent job. While most schools confer degrees, there is a new class of ttt schools, mostly online like University of Phoenix and Walden University, that basically sell degrees. While not technically a diploma mill, these new schools have such weak standards that US News and World Report doesn't even bother to rank them. So as long as you stick to a real college, UCLA, Harvard, Duke University, Texas A&M University, University of Miami, University of Michigan... (you know, real schools), your degree should be worth something.
I bombed my SATs and thought that I would have to get a degree through some online crap school like Walden University, but ended up getting into University of Alabama anyway.
by UoAoU June 18, 2009

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