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When a woman shaves, but shaves infrequently. This mean that while the trees have all been cut down, the stumps are all still there, making a generally soft and enjoyable area feeling like you're having marital relations with two, wet pieces of sandpaper. If you come away from a sexual encounter with abrasions on your inner thighs or lower stomach, it might be time for her to mow the lawn again. Ignoring this problem can lead to unsightly callouses, arguments, neuroses and extended periods sleeping on the couch, sometimes voluntarily. Also, occasionally, the mixture of the man's pubic hair and the woman's untended garden CAN have a Velcro effect. Several drinks, a pair of scissors and a very steady hand can alleviate this problem
My deforested girlfriend loves it when I go down on her, but I hate having to apply Bactine to my tongue afterwards...
by ZStar930 March 19, 2011
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