(Man) So, are you going down there tonight?
(Woman) Down where?
(Man) Down on Deez!
by Haywud Jablowme December 14, 2007
A slur made by ur homie. If ur caught by Deez ur an idot.
He bro Deez!
by Morgafied March 9, 2022
Deez is a noun, a verb, and an adjective. It can mean the action of smoking weed, being stoned, or the actual weed itself. It originated in Pine Bush New York. By the deez crew.

Deez- noun/verb
Deezy- adjective
Deez- Yo y'all niggas got some deez?

Yo you niggas tyina go deez?

Deezy- Yo, nigga, im mad deezy.
by Zendena October 2, 2013