Telly: I broke my leg. My leg is deeshed.

Harrison: I'm deeshing noobs on call of duty.
by butdatwalrusdoe August 27, 2017
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related to all things 'doobie'.
can be used in various ways, as both a noun or verb.
noun: "I just picked up some amazing deesh."

verb: "since you're off work, you wanna deesh?"

adjective: "after that 311 concert, I was sooooo deeshed!"
by Dick Enrico August 14, 2006
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n. pl. The plural form of 'douche' or 'douche bag'. Typically male high school athletes travel in flocks.
Look at that flock of deesh congregating by the stairs.
by emily katherine January 26, 2012
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Similar to a douche, but to a barely smaller degree, usually following the word "Wow"
Alternate spelling: Diche
"Wow, deesh! You got shit on my shoes!"
"Duuuuude, you're such a deeeeeesh!"
by L'08 September 5, 2008
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I sleep 19 hours a day with a pillow on my face. My toenails are long. I secrete when I sleep. My hair is not stylish but rather exagerated. I listen to slim shady not eminem. My dad drinks beefeaters. I listen to Billy Joel while I shower on max volume and I masturbate in the shower with shampoo (it stings). I like milk with my spaghetti. I wear the same green flannel every friday night. I know over 500 racist terms. My 'going out' shoes are my dress shoes from 8th grade. I am a smoker but I've never bought a pack of ciggarettes in my life. I cry when the sun goes down. I try to play guitar standing up but with a tight grip.
"Hey I'm gonna go take a piss." - Slappin
"Ok grab me one too." - Deesh
by brandon knox December 4, 2004
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Being completely obliterated to a maximum extend in which one can neither talk nor walk.
Yo bro why is Rardson’s head in the sink, I don’t know man he looks absolutely Deeshed right now.
by Speedybugle February 26, 2020
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An adjective used to describe when someone's passed out or their face looks like their nips just got tickled. This can be because an individual is tired or just can't hang with the boys when they send it.
Davis: Come on Woodruff just send it you puss.
Bobs: I can't hang sister, I'm hella deeshed right now.
by Davis1326 December 12, 2018
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