A game about getting murdered by boosted people that are like 50 powers above you
Guy 1: plays deepwoken
Guy 2: oh cool time to murder the freshie on my power 56 account lol im so good xd
by IamSuffering January 25, 2022
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A popular game on the huge platform "Roblox." The gameplay involves men tugging each other's cock's and fisting each other's anus. The game is mostly composed of homosexual activities such as sexual intercourse with the same sex. The Players of Deepwoken are mostly part of the LGBTQ+ community.
"Look, Tryn is playing Deepwoken. He's Probably sucking sleepy off."
by Signal_Is_Lost May 21, 2022
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waste your time dying in a loop while battling npcs in this trashy game, these people do not go outside or touch grass.
Touch grass already you Deepwoken nerd
Deepwoken is so bad why do i still waste my time playing it
500+ hours in Deepwoken! what a life achievement!!
by ihatethislmaoooo February 27, 2022
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An open world RPG made on Roblox focused on live, die, repeat. It's known for the fact it is behind a paywall because it has as much quality as a normal game found on Steam instead of a child's game on Roblox.
Flamecharm Blindseer: That Sharko just wrecked me!

Thundercall Fist-style: That's Deepwoken for you.
by ThundercallFistStyle March 6, 2022
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look! Another Deepwoken leak. I wonder when they will release the game.
by nerd abuser September 9, 2020
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A roblox game with cat boys/girls often used as sleep aid from how boring it is
Oh man I saw a felinor in Deepwoken time to uninstall life - your dad
by Ronkill30 January 13, 2022
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The worst Roblox game of all time, typically associated with the horrendous game Rogue Lineage
Man have you seen vic and storm playing Deepwoken all day? Man I can smell them from here.
by Yeetza Pizza January 17, 2022
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