The nickname of the Megalodaunt, a mob in deepwoken known for being able to kick real hard and an expert at wiping freshies.
Dude that sharko just kicked me to the void! Now I have to go kill a bonekeeper. Great.
Well thats just an average day in the depths buddy.
by imp fuck2 March 5, 2023
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Me:Hey sharko
Best friend:Aww thanks bro

Me:Welcome bro

Best friend:I love you
by Molskaaa March 27, 2019
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A lanky creature that lives off the west coast of Scotland, it's dorsal fin is located on his head instead of its back
The rare el Sharko hides in dark rooms with an xbox for company
by El Sharko observer October 21, 2013
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Usually used in an offensive way to make someone look bad or insult them.
Also refers to the only 'Call of Duty' player who went 0-16 on a lan.
Dudeeee! I just did it a sharko. I am so embarassed.
by Player_ONE_ February 15, 2018
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