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An affluent community in Strathcona County in Alberta, Canada east of Edmonton. People from Sherwood Park (or The Park) are generally better, and signifigantly whiter than individuals from Edmonton. The population of Sherwood Park is comprised of beautiful well-kept homes, and parks. This causes people from neighboring Edmonton to harbour tremendous jealousy and resentment towards Sherwood Park, and its residents as Edmonton is about 94 percent ghetto. Sherwood Park has a near zero crime rate, and a median income of approx. $121000 per household. Sherwood Park residents only go into Edmonton to throw garbage out the window, and dump used motor oil.
Edmonton resident; "Where do you live?"

Sherwood Park resident "I live in The park"

Edmonton resident "Really? May I please come home with you?"

Sherwood Park resident "No, sorry, you are a dirty Edmonton person, and you're kind of beige."
by picturethief December 08, 2008
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Sherwood Park, a large hamlet located outside of Edmonton, Alberta. The community is full of rich and well dressed faggots. If you go to ABJ you're gay, if you go to SAL you're really gay and if you go to Facey you're not as gay but still gay. Everyone is white and if you're friends with a black kid you have mad clout. The average kid in Sherwood Park has a Breeze, Joggers, Champion hoodie, NMD's and a fuckboy haircut. Kings players run this shit and get major clout and hella pussy. If you dont have 800+ followers on Instagram no one has heard of you. The average thot's snap streaks mainly consist of the Champion logo, Kings logo (big thot) or her and her friends flexing an empty can of Palm Bay. Shoutout to Charles, the main event of Sherwood Park. With his entertaining snap stories and edgy memes he's what keeps this community from dying.
"yo meet up at baseline dons"
"In sherwood park?"
"you knoooow"
by ImBrokeButStillBoolin September 25, 2018
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A suburb east of Edmonton that is significantly wealthier and whiter than its neighboring city. Sherwood Park's mean household income is $121 000 per year and demographically is 99% white. Kids in Sherwood Park are apathetic and are used to being given everything in life. Teens think they're the shit cause they drink underage and their parents buy them expensive cars. People in Sherwood Park are typically taller, more attractive and overall better than Edmonton people. It is cool to know a black kid, if you're lucky enough. Just about every teen drinks underage and hooks up with many members of the opposite sex. Every guy thinks they're huge and will commonly be seen pumping biceps in a tight sleeveless or wifebeater at a local gym. Kids frequently complain about living in Sherwood Park, but have no idea how much better it is in everyway to Edmonton.
Person 1: Man did you see Jersey Shore last night?

Person 2: Ya I did! Let's go to a Sherwood Park party and emulate them.
by nighthawk 55 May 21, 2011
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A giant suburb just East of Edmonton that thinks it's a city. Has a mall, a skate park, a gym, a pub or two, and absolutely nothing else.
Full of white kids with Catholic backgrounds who think they're badass for drinking underage, or smoking near one of the 3 highschools worth mention.
Almost as bad as Ardrossan, but not quite.
A: Look! I got a six-pack from my mom's basement! Let's go hangout by Mac's and get CRUNK!
B: Ok, nothing better to do in Sherwood Park anyway...
by invisiblah March 23, 2009
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Trash ass place in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of fuckboys and vapers. This shithole is run by some dude named Charles who is super fucking edgy. Completely trash place filled with a shit ton of edgy kids. Sherwood Park is a disgrace to the human race and a pathetic shithole. Also a shit ton of kids who think that they are "depressed"
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Sherwood Park
Person1: Oh shit, you must want to kill yourself.
by Xx_PussyD3stroyer_Xx September 22, 2018
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