The most amazing boyfriend you could ever have. This guy is caring, loving, smart, athletic and super SUPER good looking. He can always make you laugh and smile and without a doubt he'll be there for you through thick and thin. You'll never find someone as amazing as this one because he's definitely a keeper. You'll never be able to find someone better than him so hold onto him!
I can't believe you and Dee are together! You're the luckiest girl in the world!!!
by issssssaaasecret December 18, 2018
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A feminine nickname usually for women with names that starts with the letter D. Daisy, Desirae, Diana, Dolores.

Dee is a whore. unintentionally. she's pretty dependant and clingy but she's not afraid to show you her real self. Kind of self absorbed and manipulative, but is also a good person. Of course, if she wasn't a goddamn hoe. Regardless of how shitty it was you won't be able to forget her. you'll feel really crappy about the whole thing. and it wasn't even her fault. and now that it's gone you can't really do anything. u just have to move on i guess. but it's hard. it's so hard. you'll miss her. so much. and the thing about it is that you probably meant nothing to her anyways lol
dee: hi i'm dee

me:you make me want to kill myself
by trendisgone January 10, 2022
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She is a shamazing person who on first glance looks quiet and reserved but when you get to know her she has a loud personality and is a party animal she loves a drink and is a very VERY bad dancer
by TheaBitchhhhh May 05, 2019
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Short for D.W. which is short for Don't Worry which is short for Do not worry.

In other words 'Dee' is an abbrieviation of 'Don't Worry'
Person 1: Did you hear that I'm going to die?
Person 2: Dee
by Lucaio July 10, 2008
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A word people use, specificaly in Oakville Ontario, as a substitute for down
Not as in the opposite of up, but as in saying im down with that
Ryan:yo, u dee for that party tonight?
Dan: Yeah man, im so dee.
by YousAChateAss November 15, 2008
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a stupid, pointless urban joke that if you respond to it the person telling the joke will say "these nuts"
John: Yo, Tony! Dee was lookin' for you yesterday
Tony: Dee who?
John: These nuts!
Tony: That's Homo! why are his nuts lookin' for me?
by Peepingtam July 16, 2011
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