Short for D.W. which is short for Don't Worry which is short for Do not worry.

In other words 'Dee' is an abbrieviation of 'Don't Worry'
Person 1: Did you hear that I'm going to die?
Person 2: Dee
by Lucaio July 10, 2008
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A bubbly lizard who enjoys sleeping. She often enjoys playfully nipping at people's clothes and is always up for an adventure.

Despite being a lizard she enjoys reading(listening to people read) books as it's soothing

She will also sit still ( for once) and listen when she can tell your upset allowing you to talk about her problems.
Likes food. A lot. Of. Food. Really fat
Ex 1:
Girl 1- Wow! Look at her go! What's her name?
Girl 2- Dee
Girl 1- That makes so much sense! She's so adventurous!

Guy 1- Haha! Ow! She bit my pants?!
Girl 2- Yeah she's werid like that

Guy 1- let me guess her names Dee?

Girl 2- How did you know?
Guy 1- She's super playful!
by MyNameIsBee January 04, 2017
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a skag head whore who takes heroin with her mum. she was on anti-depresants at 14, slits her wrists, has starred in a porn film,is bilemic, HAS A WHOLE BIGGER THAN THAT IN THE OZONE LAYER and has short BOY hair, likes 2 thinks shes bisexual 4 attention and likes 2 think of herself as, no not emo, bt Deemo.....SKEEZ
*says to herself* hmmmm what thing can i do today to try and get attnetion adn more friends?? hmmm
by i <3 dee May 08, 2005
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A word people use, specificaly in Oakville Ontario, as a substitute for down
Not as in the opposite of up, but as in saying im down with that
Ryan:yo, u dee for that party tonight?
Dan: Yeah man, im so dee.
by YousAChateAss November 15, 2008
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a stupid, pointless urban joke that if you respond to it the person telling the joke will say "these nuts"
John: Yo, Tony! Dee was lookin' for you yesterday
Tony: Dee who?
John: These nuts!
Tony: That's Homo! why are his nuts lookin' for me?
by Peepingtam July 16, 2011
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Taken from Carlos Mencia's "Dee-Dee-Dee" catchphrase and song. A 'Dee' is a really, really stupid person.

"If you can't find the 'Dee', you must be the dee-dee-dee"
Person #1: Oh shit that chicken just laid an egg!
Person #2(sarcastically): o rly?!
Person #1: *confused*
Person #2: Youse a dumb ho. Can you find the dee?
by Trace Fossils December 01, 2006
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