A beautiful woman that has come from the depths of darkness to the light.
She was once an enigma; a person that no one could figure out.
This woman is very strong; she builds herself up from the worst scenarios.
Involved in Art and Music.
Very Musically talented.
She is a "Dee", she beats the odds.
by Complete! March 02, 2009
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She is the most fantastic girl in the worldand she cute, hot, sexy , likes u for who u are and when u meet her she seems nice and like nothing bothers her but deep inside she has so many problems and if u care about her and love her you will help her through any problems that she may have and she will be shy about telling them but you gotta tell her what you know is true because i feel in love with one and she super caring, funny, increable, she is also quick to throw hands and wants to sleep all day but thats okay she was worth the trouble for me im glad i am married to this veryspecial girl theres so much about her that i still dont know but she loves cuddles and kisses and lots of hugs. I would cross the universe to get to this girl. Not to mention her super cute voice.
Okay i love u baby (My Dee from Kevin H
by September 14, 2020
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The original one-deelight-deelicious-deevious-deevoted-all the hot dee words
Dee is the paragon of femininity!
by Keo December 21, 2004
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1. To be awesome.
2. To only be awesome.
3. This application can't understand that Dee only means one thing, hence it sucks at it's understanding factor.
Person 1: Hey do you know Dee?

Person 2: Yeah, she's so awesome! I wish I was awesome!
by Danzor January 03, 2008
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Dee rhymes with pretty and that's exactly what she is, radiating beauty from within! The brightest star in the sky that shines light in all of our lives.
P1: "Wow! My baby is so cute, what should I name her?"
P2: "You should name her Dee since she's so pretty!"
by jungkookieslove March 16, 2017
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A wicked hot slut. She's so slutty it's almost become a superpower. She is beautiful and everyone wants to be like her. She is the defintion of the perfect whore <3
by yourfriend:-* April 29, 2005
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A person who cares about a lot of things and have a big heart he doesn’t let people underestimate him to according to sports or school he a good student and respect people he like light skin girls somehow he has a great mindset according to school and sports he has a fast reaction at things also and he doesn’t do to much things to hurt someone feelings he a lover boy he might stay with u until whenever he a person to talk to when u let down bout things he gives u good advice to help u do better at things and get stuff together and he is a mature very respectful but could be mean to people at certain people but if u friends with him that’s go be a good friend u will have
(Dee)is a person who has a big heart with a great mindset to do his job and continue to achieve what he want so he gone keep doin what he do at whatever sports
by Derrickk June 10, 2019
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