Know as the "DEC". This city is located outside eastside Atlanta. The Downtown area, has been redevolped into one of the best barscenes outside of Atlanta. Decatur was the home of the once famous Hodges, and still famous Glenwood Day.
Straight out the DEC

There's no place greater... Then decatur
by rashard November 29, 2007
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A city near Atlanta entirely composed of lesbians. The only city of this kind in the world. Hence the name Decatur (Dick Hater).
Jayray: Dude, is your sister a PE teacher?
Thareek: Yep, Decatur
by Bloody Paw July 24, 2008
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An important city located in North-Central Alabama along the Tennessee River. Population around 55,000, Decatur is famous for it's barbecue, history, good schools and great quality of life.
Decatur, beautiful, city
by sed7789 October 31, 2008
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A sleepy little town half way between Ironton OH and Oak Hill OH. More churches than people, and one gas station.
You know where Decatur is?

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
by decaturan January 9, 2009
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A big small town, about 30 mins from Athens in Alabama. Also home of The Bama Boys. Also known as the D.
"Man, there's alot of cool people out here in the D. You should come out to visit."

"The Bama Boys made a cover of Sweet Home Alabama, that has alot of decatur references, you should listen."
by Kate (KitKat) September 1, 2008
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City located a few miles east of Atlanta. Contrary to other definitions, Decatur is NOT mostly farmland but an urban environment featuring both housing projects and million-dollar condos. The first Waffle House is located in neighboring Avondale Estates and was founded by graduates of Decatur High School. In recent years, an influx of really fucking gay people has earned the city such titles as "dikeatur" and "Dickatur"
"Agnes Scott is located in Decatur . . . all the chicks there are huge lesbos"
by BiaBia7 December 11, 2005
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A city in Georgia. CLose to Atlanta but is mostly composed of farmland. Where many rappers are from including
Da Backwudz and comedian Chris Rock.
by [e.99]Miracle May 22, 2005
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