Dec 2 is when everyone skips school
Rita:you ready it’s dec 2
Lola: ya bruv
by Uhaveabituseit November 20, 2019
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It's National day kiss ur boyfriend and give them anything they want!
Girlfriend: babe what day is it

Boyfriend: it's Dec 2

Girlfriend: kisses let's go buy u anything u want
by Prettyluv_cris November 29, 2021
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Dec 2 is juice wrld birthday. Jarad Anthony Higgins was born in dec 2, 1998. Yet nobody has put this as the definition for dec 2
Juice WRLD’s birthday is Dec 2
by MrCoolGrandpa December 2, 2021
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THE WORST DAY EVER! If you were born on this day your probably super cool but a little broken on the inside
Boy: today is dec 2
Girl:the worst day ever
by Piece of happiness December 11, 2020
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Girl: OMG! Its Dec 2!

Want a scrunchie?
Other girl: ill beat you with your hydroflask
by snazzy granny December 2, 2019
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Set your lockscreen as your favorite picture of your gf, NEVER CHANGE IT!
Guy 1: hey have you changed your wallpaper yet? It’s dec 2
Guy 2: yes I did, it’s my gf now
by Funky mushroom December 2, 2021
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