A screen that safeguards entry to your phone via a password.
"You'll never make it past my lockscreen."
by Dan the Man NL July 13, 2015
A lockscreen couple is what you call two people that share the same lockscreen wallpaper on their smartphone. Usually annoying overly lovey-dovey couples make a picture together and put it as their lockscreen wallpaper to show everyone their love.
Dan: "Omg, ur lockscreen is amazing, I want it."
Lucy: "Here you go! <Sends picture>"
Dan: "Omg, we're a lockscreen couple now. That's bare dank."

Stranger 1: "Gasp! We have the same lockscreen wallpaper!"
Stranger 2: "Nooo! That means we're a Lockscreen Couple!"
by Dan the Man NL July 13, 2015
A type of lockscreen on a smart phone in which the owner’s imaginary, or past romantic partner is included. Similar to the Virgin Lockscreen
Common subjects for Dilusional Lockscreens include body pillows and pictures of Kate Upton.
by TheAppetizer April 19, 2018