To steal, take, or shoplift; To steal another person's seat
(once a seat is deboed, the original sitter has no claim to it, unless the rule of 'fives' has been declared)
Scene setting: Sitting around Kaley's bar, there are not enough seats for everyone present. Melanie is sitting in a chair and gets up to get a drink, and Ryann (one without a seat) immediately takes advantage of the situation. She sits in Melanie's chair as soon as she has gotten up, and promptly declares "DEBOED!"
by Crony October 02, 2006
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Robber: Hey mister! Leeme see your wallet, I'll show you a magic trick...
Dumb Man: OK!
Robber: *Runs* Deeebooooooooooo!!!
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
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Inspired by the character "Deebo" from the film Friday, its original definition is to steal something. It has also become used to describe a victory or pwnage of immense proportions, in an argument or a fight. The most literal definition would be "took."
The English army gets took by William Wallace in the movie Braveheart.

The English army gets deboed by William Wallace in Braveheart.
by ATW July 24, 2005
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Noun - mixture of semen, smegma, and feces. Common result of anal sex.
Alternative Noun - a cuckhold

Alternative Noin - a male who has no real life skills and typically just plays computers all day
Deboe became a deboe as a result of being a deboe. He found deboe in his bed from his wife and her boyfriend.
by Madu Yuka March 12, 2019
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