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The word can refer to stupid or slow in many slavic languages including bulgarian, serbian, slovakian, russian and polish. In spanish it means slow or weak, stemming from latin debilis which means feeble or weak.
On ogromnyj debil = he is a humongous idiot

Es muybil de carácter = she is very weak
by AlexToronto January 29, 2008
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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
That show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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A way to say a well known Slavic curse word, дебил, in Latin letters
by Noel Playz November 14, 2018
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Slovak noun for retarded person (very similar to imbecile).
It also cen be used as abuse, swear-word meaning asshole or moron.
"Co su? Debili?"
"Debil vyjebany debilsky!" (author: Melisko)

Translation: "What are they? Assholes?"
"Fucking moronic asshole!"
by Oliver P. January 20, 2008
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Why are u such debil?
I feel sorry for him,he is debil.
by My Nameiswath July 15, 2004
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Jebus' arch nemisis. Refered to in the bibul as 'the Horned One', 'Satan', 'the Grand Deceiver', 'the Father of Lies', and 'Bill Clinton'.
Honestly, judge, I'm against child pornography. But the Debil makes me look at it when my daughter has her friends over.
by Gags October 21, 2003
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