Someone who dresses or acts like a stereotypical Emo-Listener but is definately a poser. Categorized by long floppy black hair, sweater vests, slightly tighter and cuffed jeans, and a sad look on the face.

Someone who followed the emo style trend but has no idea what it is. Usually followed by sad look, poor guitar playing, et cetera.
Sad boy with guitar seeks Emo Bitch to beat the crap out of.
by causte March 9, 2005
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A girl who follows the emo fashion, music etc.
She will complain about how hard her well-off suburban life is and how people are so mean to her about her style when she will turn around and abuse anyone who isnt emo or who she deems to be an emo wannabe.

Or someone who dresses emo etc then claims they arent and will start a fight over how they arent emo.
*some boy wearing black jacket walks by*
Emo Bitch: like ZOMG!!!(note: Emos love to overuse this word.)You're such a poser!

*Emo Bitch talking to her emo friend*
Emo Bitch: Someone called me an Emo. And I mean Im SO not emo.
by Jill Hammersmith June 25, 2006
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1. A redundant term, being that "emo" and "bitch" mean exactly the same thing in this context. To be an emo bitch is simply to be like all other emo clones: contrived negative emotion, false sense of personal insight, strict adherence to emo fashion with all its bland unoriginality, and incredibly poor taste in shallow, melancholy pop music. All involved with the emo trend are emo bitches.

2. Any tantrum or self-pitying rant from an emo clone.

1. Sullen Sally and her boyfriend Morose Marvin are emo bitches.

2. That emo bitch got all worked-up and is now in the midst of an emo bitch rant; go get some tissues and bandages.
by Marcus Solomon November 8, 2007
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A person or persons who bitch and complain all day about a relationship that probably never happened. Usually they talk so much that they become annoying to the point where they are beaten up for it, thus cause another things for them to bitch about.
Steven, being an emo bitch, has not stopped complaining about his internet girlfriend he had.
by Ten January 26, 2005
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Emo bitches are the bitches who listen to emo. If you bring knives to concerts, feel the need to do spinkicks, wear black, and cut yourself in the dark, you are one of the emo bitches. If you feel that you aren't an emo bitch, that's a stereotype and I'm sooo much deeper than that, then you are definately an emo bitch.

Grow a pair.
Quit being one of them emo bitches.
by A Better Lover than You June 10, 2006
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This is just your typical bitching Emo...With a little extra bitchyness. Yea well Emo dudes tend to beat up on girls or get beaten up by girls and have a cry blah blah blah. They have there own brand of smileys on the net: xD, -_-, x_x, T_T, xP, =/ and many others i cant be arsed doing.0oh and i don't think they have quite figured out the invention of the "space bar" eg. WhatsASpaceBar. Emo's have some good taste in music though, although most of it just appears to be the same old stuff with the same sort of moral of a shit life or whatever, but with a slightly different tune each time. Emos are a resourceful bunch though, wearing what they find at those "Good Sammy" stores or whatever.
xwhite_darknessx: Heylo
xbleedxmexdryx : Heylo, i just bought a pack of razers to cut myself :/
xwhite_darknessx: LykeOmg me too, i got those
xbleedxmexdryx : -cries-

...What perfect example of an Emo bitch
by IaMsUcHaNeMoBiTcH .. NOT January 5, 2006
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A more appropriate name for emo boy, an emo bitch is a male who lost his testicles when he hit puberty. As a result, he is girlier than any normal girl and can be seen applying excessive amounts of makeup, crying when someone steps on an "innocent" spider, and bitching for no reason what-so-ever.

Emo bitch is typically used in reference to males who can be labelled as emo rather than females because the mass of a female's metaphorical balls exceed the mass of an emo bitch's cojones.
Ordinary Dude 1: Hey, wanna go to the mall to beat up emo bitches and watch them cry?

Ordinary Dude 2: Hell yea!
by FalseLobster June 27, 2007
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