Noun -- a thing or device that is considered extremely dangerous and in one's opinion could result in serious injury or death.
Man, we had to ride in this old car to get to the mall. Things were clanking and the breaks were like almost gone on the thing. That car was nothing more than a death trap, and I am surprised we made it there and back in one piece.
by 12ds December 26, 2011
1. A sub genre of hip hop that takes heavy influence from trap music, grunge, metal and punk. Usually employs limit peaking bass heavy instrumentals and either screaming/metal influenced vocals of a rapid fire style that follows either the rampant pace of the instrumental or doubles down on the slow pace of it. Artists such as XXXTENTACION, Fukkit, Kamiyada, Shinigami and more can be defined as Death Trap because of their overly heavy beats and metal influenced and/or rapid fire vocals.

2. A music collective/independent label from Manchester NH and all over CT run by Armand.
I listen to pop music. I listen to country music. I bump death trap.
by armand1369fuxkyou April 16, 2018
A woman who says she want's a casual relationship but then gets pregnant and won't abort it
You are a death trap! (man says to woman)
by realtalk25 June 23, 2020
Men often call toliet cubicles traps, named lovingly after the traps that racing dogs start in before a race. A death trap is where you expect to take a dump but instead die during the performance. What a way to go!
My god, never expected that, Jim just went to the death trap.
by Gnasher July 17, 2006
A piece of equipment or machinery, usually a car, that is in poor condition and is usually not safe to use in one's opinion.
"Tyler tried to make me ride around in that '93 Jetta his mom bought him as a graduation present, but there was no fucking way I was getting anywhere near that death trap. Motherfucker's got more rust on it then the Titanic, and the exhaust is held on with a bungee cord!"
by Thefirkman April 18, 2020
a condom, rubber, hat, jock lock, scum bag, bopper stopper, soup bowl, jump suit, love glove, burrito poncho, weasel den.
da ho woodnt let me fuk her wit out no death trap ni99a!
by sue johansen September 15, 2005
1. when the female is trapped between her current life and a life she use to lead with her ex boyfriend.
2. all situations involving the contact and/or interaction with one's ex lover/boyfriend/boo
3. when the female has mixed up feelings about her ex boyfriend after a re-encounter .
4. the cursed re-encounter with one's past love , may happen online, in person, or in bed.
"stacy, whats wrong?" "yo bitch i fell in a death trap, fuck off"
by JETG August 31, 2005