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6 definitions by 12ds

Noun -- A type of men's dress sock made usually of nylon that is sheer (thin nylon) with (thick nylon) lines running vertically throughout the sock. This type of sock is worn more so but not limited to ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Hispanics. This type of men's dress sock was very popular during the 1960's to 1980's and began to make a comeback during the late 1990's.
Bernard went over to The Sock Man Socks & Shoes to hook up on a fresh pair of thick n thins to match his new suit.
by 12ds October 27, 2008
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Noun -- A type of men's dress sock that is sheer or thin, often worn to formal events. This terminology is typically used in the northern United States. In other areas referred to as sheer socks.
Greg and Pete got all dressed up with their shiny dress shoes and sheers to go to the wedding.
by 12ds October 27, 2008
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Noun -- a thing or device that is considered extremely dangerous and in one's opinion could result in serious injury or death.
Man, we had to ride in this old car to get to the mall. Things were clanking and the breaks were like almost gone on the thing. That car was nothing more than a death trap, and I am surprised we made it there and back in one piece.
by 12ds December 26, 2011
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Noun -- A tax, fee, or charge aimed indirectly toward African Americans typically after or in anticipation of what is considered by some (the power structure) as overuse, abuse, or over-benefit of or from a product, good, service or some other benefit.
A few years ago the City of Norfolk started charging a "nigga tax" at the park, for parking. Since the primary patrons were African Americans, everybody knew it was just another "nigga tax". The city later did away with the parking charge.

The State of Virginia started charging a "nigga tax" on people that braid hair, by requiring anyone that braids hair to have a license, even if working at home, and we all know who that the primary people who braid hair are African Americans.
by 12ds January 31, 2010
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Adjective -- a state of food that has spoiled to the point that when pulled apart it appears to have slimy strings or ropes between the parts, while appearing fresh on the outside.
While working with the Obama campaign, I grabbed a piece of sweet potato pie that was in the kitchen. Later to get home and bite into it and find that it had spoiled and was all ropey.
by 12ds March 9, 2010
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noun -- typical word in the southern U. S. used to refer to the living room in a home.
Lucille was so excited when her new frontroom set was delivered.
by 12ds June 4, 2009
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