28 definitions by Holly Matronic

a hilarous book that I love that emo's jack off too
I found the biggest goth in the school in the libary late one night with a copy of catcher in the rye and a bottle of lotion
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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Glam Rock( also known as Glitter Rock) is a style of rock an roll music that came to be in the post-hippie era in the early 1970's it was mostly practiced in england. the lastest example of Glam Rock is the band KISS, it has also been fused with such genres as Glam Metal and Glam Punk
Glam Rock was practiced by the Rolling stones
by Holly Matronic May 11, 2007
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The most gay religion on the face of the earth. if shit happens they think its their fault. They think they should go to confession all the time. my school is catholic. its gay
Catholic Guilt is a disease
by Holly Matronic April 25, 2007
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An evil toy that used to be popular in the 90's i had about 8 of them. i used to put them in the dark so they would fall asleep and shut up. when they malfunctioned they would make a really annoying sound that wouldnt go away unless you smashed it against the floor
by Holly Matronic April 25, 2007
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something you say when you experience something or see something so unbelievably unbelieavble
oh dear god he's dressed like a pink bunny for halloween
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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also referred to as myspace by crazy lawyers and overprotective parents and irresponsible preteens who think its myspaces fault that their client/child/ or themselves has had a bad experience with a sexual predator
comerapeme.com is the best site ever losers
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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what people say when they ask to leave their classroom during school and when they get back in their seat they realize that they have to go to the bathroom
shit why didn't i go to the bathroom after i went to my locker?
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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