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Trixie Mattel (Brian Furkus) is beloved drag queen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now living in WEHO. She appeared on RuPauls Best Friend Race season 7 and All Stars 3, in which she won All Stars 3 (rightfully so). She also has a hit TV show on Viceland with fellow Drag Race alumnus Katya Zamolodchicova. She uses over the top makeup skills to look like a doll.
Trixie Mattel didn't rob Shangela of the All Stars 3 crown.
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by katyasfagash June 03, 2018
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Drag queen who uses over the top eye and lip make-up too look like a doll.
Did you see Trixie Mattel's dress last night?! She looked like a barbie!
by Twinkb April 10, 2016
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Brian Firkus, born August 23rd 1989, more commonly known as Trixie Mattel is a beloved American drag queen who appeared on the 7th season of RuPauls Drag Race and (rightfully) won the third season of Rupauls Drag Race All Stars. She is originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, But now resides in Sunny WEHO. In 2017 she had a 1 season long series on Viceland, with her best friend Katya Zamolodchikova called The Trixie and Katya Show, and also currently stars in a hit web-show, also along side Katya, called UNHhhh, produced by WOW Presents, available on YouTube and the WOW Presents Plus app and website. She has 2 different country-pop albums Titled "Two birds" (2017) and "One Stone" (2018), that feature songs like "Mama Don't Make Me Put On The Dress Again" and "Soldier". She is mostly known for her bold makeup that is used to make her look like a over-exaggerated Barbie Doll.
Trixie Mattel is the TRUE skinny legend
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by PearlSweeney December 23, 2018
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trixie is what brian’s (trixies) stepdad used to call her when she was being to feminine and she had to fill in for a girl named trixie for brian’s first time in drag.

mattel is the toy manufacturing company for barbie.

trixies drag (makeup and clothes) is inspired by barbie
trixie mattel is an american drag queen from season 7 of rpdr and all stars season 3
by traceyzamo April 23, 2019
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A drag queen who wears a lot of makeup and won season 3 of All Stars

She is a living barbie doll
Do you know Trixie Mattel won All stars 3
Yeah of course!!
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by pokemon27 June 12, 2018
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