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She's the kind of girl/woman who opens her soul to you and is looking for someone man enough to reveal his deepest emotions to her. No fear! She'll keep them safe and treasure them at all costs. She loves so intensely that she is often hurt and yet she remains strong. She is loved back, but too often it's only when it's already too late. Her dreams are simple, yet so incredible. Her deepest desire is to receive back something to compare with the huge outpouring she gives. She's a great lover and desires her man. He never goes lacking, but walks tall with a satisfied smile on his face. She's a woman often overlooked, but to the one who makes a decision for her - she's his dream come to life. She's worth it!
Morning coffee? Who needs it? I've got my DeMaris!
by wouldvebeenyourbaby February 02, 2010
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Young man that is really focused on his future and making money. He's smart, good looking but has a little temper. He found his love early and that's who he wants to spend his life with.
Demari gets money.
by UrbannD April 03, 2015
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a very kind BIG MOUTH havin NO SIGHT seein ALWAYS LATE nigga friend. SITTIN THERE usin ALL my DAMN CDS fighting me and shit for NO reason RUINING tank tops and LOSING nose rings. overall an N-I-G-G-A. :)
wow demari just fucked me over and told evryone my damn buiiznesss!
by mizz253 April 11, 2012
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A kind person who if he loves you he would forever love you he has a bad temper and anger problem he plays a lot and will go off on you in 0.1 second
Person: Did you see Demari go off on dude from around the corner yesterday.

Friend: yea he really got anger issues let me stay out the way.
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A cool a kid with the ability to attract Brazilian Babes at his will. You know the ones with the fat asses . The real fat asses. It is rumored that he has a penis the size of an elephant trunk , thus the nickname "The Tripod" . He loves to party , as well as all other types of ill shit.
Person 1: "This party is wack"

Person 2: "Call up De'Mari"

Person 1:" Damn, that's massive orgies , and instant party success, hell yeah "
by El Colo Nigga November 26, 2011
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Hes cute funny and knows how to get what he wants
Demari is so fine.....
by U kno who it is December 15, 2016
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A girl whose outstanding behavior gets her identified at school,home, and at work.Demari is a fun and outgoing girl with lots of friends and lots of potential.
"You seen that girl yesterday, that's Demari right there"
by Gallialial April 18, 2018
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