Morning coffee=rubbing one out before work/school/going out in the morning. Like a caffeine fix, one may be irritable and groggy without it.
Person 1: "Why is Jose such a grouch today?"
Person 2: "He hasn't had his morning coffee yet."
by MassBoss June 19, 2013
the greatest coffee ever made by an Irish man (Seán William McLoughlin)
top of the morning coffee is the best because its Irish
by Irish german February 15, 2022
Hey do you want some morning glory coffee?

Im gonna get some morning glory coffee.
by purple brownie September 28, 2010
When you wake up 1st, fuck your girl in the ass, then put it in her mouth and make a stirring motion.
My girl wore no pants to bed; I had no choice but to give her my morning coffee.
by Purpleheartsgt06 May 19, 2021