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County in North/Central Florida. Includes Daytona Beach, Ormond, and New Smyrna. Currently one of the poorest counties in America.
Welcome to Volusia County, where ya come on vacation and leave on probation.
by 386cangri October 07, 2009
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to have the best possible at a reasonable cost
See "HD-owner-envy"
"I ride a Volusia AND I have money in my wallet."
by vo-loo-sha April 28, 2003
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Mid-size Suzuki cruiser with a long, low look - traditional styling combined with modern engineering.
Often refered to as the "Worlds Finest Motorcycle" and for good reason.
During the day it will attract large crowds of onlookers however at night this beast can be found prowling the backroads in search of it's favorite prey....Harley Davididson motorcycles.
I'm a dumb ass! For what I paid for this Harley I could have purchased three Suzuki Volusias!
by Dick Bigguns April 25, 2003
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