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Daylins are known for their soft features and beautiful eyes. Daylins can get any girl they want. He has soft but strong voices, and he knows how to get what he wants. He has big eyes that sparkle and that are accompanied with long eyelashes, and you can't help but stare at them and sometimes you get lost. Daylins do not have tempers and are very easy going. He is easy to talk to and he listens very intently. Daylins give very good advice full of love and concern. He always checks in on you if you are having a bad day. Daylins love hugs, snuggling up for movies, and showing you he cares. He also loves outdoors and in the summer time he can't help but be outside all the time. Whether it's camping, baseball, football, biking, running, or just horsing around, you will have a hard time getting him inside if it's nice outside. Daylins are very sensative, and his feelings are hurt very easily. So treat Daylins with care. Daylins know how to treat women, and are very loyal. He will never wander from his girlfriend. He is an extreme people person and every one loves him for his shy but outgoing nature. He is very private and if you tell Daylin something in confidence, he will take it to his grave. He is always smiling and barely ever in a bad mood. He doesn't hold grudges and forgives easily. There are not many Daylins out there, so when you find one, keep him!
Friend 1 "oh my god! Is that a Daylin?"
Friend 2 "He is gorgeous!"
Friend 1 "I've never seen one before!"
Friend 2 "They are so rare"
Friend 1 "Lets go talk to him"
Friend 2 "Hi Daylin, how are you?"
Daylin "Hi ladies. You both are looking beautiful today, come and join me to get a cappacino, my treat"
Friend 1 leans into Friend 2 "OMG he is perfect!"
by redtwizmania September 13, 2012
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A girl who, whilst being extremely pretty, protective, and sexy, is scary as all fucking hell. You do not mess with this chick. You won't know its coming, but the next day you will end up tied to a pole, naked, tarred and feathered. Enjoys the notebook and dancing.
Andrew: Dude, do you know that chick daylin? she is pretty scary.
Tyler: Oh i know, I just got all the feathers off me today. And she stole my blue recycling box!
Andrew: Idiot. You have to stay on her good side.
by Onstantine March 12, 2009
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Daylin is a kind and gets good grades. If you ever lost her it’s like losing a part of you. She is always Gently and if you break her, her friends will try to cheer her up but it never works. She seems fun and happy but when she’s alone it’s a different story. She is not the one that’s gets boyfriends and maybe she will wear nerd glasses. But deep inside she is depressed and nobody notices. She can spot out if your sadhappy or mad it’s a power of hers
“Did you see Daylin she helped me study for a text and I got an A”
by Ril€¥ April 21, 2018
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Daylin is A nigga that can get what he wants without trying. Daylins can take any girl he want
and won’t even try. Daylins are extremely athletic and know for they extremely large nd long dick. Daylins will break a girls back in bed and show no mercy in bed. Daylins got hands and always got the strap on him just in case.
Boyfriend: Babe where u going??
Girlfriend: Im leaving U for Daylin
Boyfriend: but Y

Girlfriend: Cause hes a Daylin, u know how rare he is , i need my back blown. Goodbye
by Bob Daylkn November 02, 2018
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This is a very weird girl.... you could never really understand her.. Shes as dumb as a post and is smart as bread.. This person even though is very dumb is very pretty... has good eyes... but lacks many other quality like smile and height.. also has a very poor quality of being very slutty in many ways
That girl.... is such a Daylin!... such actions cannot be tolerated
by MyspaceHacker July 11, 2009
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A FUCKING whore she always start shit and says it all tour fault she thinks that she rules over everybody
Daylins are whores
by Daylins February 06, 2019
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