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Noun/Mythological creature . A petite, caring, lovable pixie woman. A giver of hugs and sincere smiles! Insane intuitive powers. A FLY CATCHING GYPSY. Can be found riding an enormous golden retriever through the night if a horse is not to be found. Collector of left behind curiosities from wild beasts. Brave momma she-wolf butterfly being. Shepherd of wounded souls. Brilliant artist. Wishes and golden birds can be found nesting in her curls.
"Some guy just asked me if we sell potatoes. I don't know how to tell him this is an art store."
"Go find Daylene, she will shower him with glitter and sweetness and he will melt into a puddle of goo unable to remember why he wanted potatoes in the first place."
by Meiningitis January 10, 2014
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