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A man with great artistic talents, video game intelligence and plays video games to be OP, he is a man that everyone women wants but he is very picky with his women.
Girl: Wow he's so Daylen with his new drawing that came out.
Girl 2: I like him but he doesn't seem to like me.
by Agentmudkipz October 13, 2013
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a nice young man. Smart, cute, and handsome. Great athlete, best at basketball. lovable, big dick, every girl dream guy...
I wish I had a Daylen
by A December 20, 2016
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The hotest boy you'll ever meet. Hes has blue eyes that will put u in a trance. He is medium-hieght and thin, but strong. Every girl falls for him and he'll tell people that ur friends if he likes you as one. He has the most beautiful smile. There is nobody mpre perfect than him. He gets every girls attention. He is very smart but can be a bad boy at times. He is the peanutbutter to ur sandwhich always sticking right besides you.
Omg he is like the perfect guy i have seen and met he must be a Daylen.
by Dreamly__attractive girl October 21, 2017
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Mind rapist. Takes away your mental virginity. Is a girl who will eventually marry an asian, and move to Japan and learn to speak japanese. Is an overall awesome person.
by CuppyCakeCookiePickleChan August 17, 2011
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Guy who has OCD, depression, and anxiety. If you find yourself in a relationship with him, he will put you first always. This is a guy that you can be angry with but still love at the same time. He'll make you smile and he'll make you cry, but despite all of that you'll still want him to be happy. He deserves care and love.
"Daylen, I'm sorry I couldn't be the one for you."
"Daylen, I would have fought for you, why didn't you fight for me?"
by Typical Teabagging Hoe November 10, 2018
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A certified {art hoe}. Will care for you and play good music while you are in pain. A bit mysterious but in a good way- has many layers, like an onion. She always comes in clutch and is probably the most interesting person you know. Deserves all of the good, always.
I'm so happy I met {Daylen}- she's the best.
by art-h0e January 10, 2019
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