Didn’t give him what he wanted so he went to my best friend. Dawson’s are fuck boys.
by D_butt_1 April 1, 2018
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Some kid who likes fortnite and chews his fat thick jacket lace when he is bored
guy: Yo look at dawson hes chewing his jacket lace
other guy: who the fudge cares
by xdgangforlife October 29, 2018
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An amazing person with the best personality there is around. He can make anyone smile, just by talking to them and laughing. He’s kind and loving even when no one else is there for him, he gives his all and goes out of his way for everyone else. He always wants what’s best for everyone, and he’s always looking for a better way to help out his community. He believes that there’s no limit to what he can accomplish.
Ex. That guy is such a Dawson!

Ex. I wish he had a heart like Dawson
by Piece of the Puzzle November 8, 2018
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Dawson has beautiful blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, has an amazing smile, very cute, super sweet, has an amazing personality, he is always there for you whenever you need him to be, he has a kind heart and treat people amazingly, he is a good best friend and I’m sure he is a good boyfriend, he is someone you never want to lose, he calls you short when he’s only 2 inches taller then you, he’s good at sports, he’s very athletic, very out going and like to hangout. Dawson is someone you never want to lose so don’t make silly mistakes to ruin your relationship with him
If his eyes are blue it’s a Dawson
by yeet907327 June 12, 2019
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Extremely sexy and handsome person great at sex and itelgent
by Dawson's August 16, 2018
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To try, with much energy, to look cool, e.g. sport a fauxhawk, wear tailored Dunhill suits, Belgian Loafers; however to never actually be cool. The sisyphean task of trying to be hip, but never attaining "coolness."
The guy is a Dawson, he just doesn't get it.
by Mr. Dictionay October 5, 2011
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After nearly a decade, finally making it out of the friend zone
Hey man saw you finally won her heart!!!!
Ya man totally pulled a Dawson
by Wellfucktheresnonamesleft February 2, 2017
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